We work in beautiful Munich.
XtSense GmbH, Rosa-Bavarese-Str 3, 80639

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We are a small, Germany-based team of software engineers working on the latest computer vision technologies. These projects require an enormous amount of images and ImageRanger helps us prepare the data for machine learning and training tasks. Our ultimate goal is to design and build new desktop software which seamlessly handles entire storage drives full of photo content.

We started working on ImageRanger in 2017 because we were not happy with currently available solutions. Many image viewers and editors suffer from one of two problems; either the user interface is not convenient enough to process thousands of images, or the application is extremely limited in terms of functionality.

ImageRanger has some unique design challenges and goals. These include:

  • Making it easy and accessible to work on multiple images and folders at the same time.
  • Ensuring that each image adjustment or editing task can be done with just a few mouse clicks.
  • When possible, we aim for everything to be cached, indexed and reused. This means that when you open a big folder once, a fast search will be all that's needed to find these images the next time around.

We hope you will like our project, and we are very happy to hear your feedback.

We check e-mails thirty three times a day at support@imageranger.com