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imageranger pro box

When there are thousands of photos to organize you want to be fast and efficient. We have designed ImageRanger to help minimize the time you spend on routine tasks.

View thousands of photos on the same screen from all subfolders. Instantly sort images by capture time, resolution, number of copies, number of keywords, etc.

imageranger main screen

Automatically find and improve low contrast images as a single batch process.
batch contrast improvement

Create new folder structure for your archive automatically and arrange the photos by capture time and location.

folder structure for image archive

Filter by geographic location (GPS tags), rating, keywords or capture time.
imageranger photo filtering

See the number of duplicates on each thumbnail image. View slide shows without image loading delays.

find image copies
how to copy photo files

Copy/Move images with a single click using archive folder shortcuts. No more copying and pasting that kills your productivity.

See both images together on the screen before overwriting files.

compare photo files

Don't remember where the image was taken? Instantly find the nearest city.

find nearest city
find photo files

Easily find the exact location of the image and its duplicates.

Undertake complex searches (e.g. 'find all bright, high res images, except those made in New York')

search images

Enjoy the fully customizable user interface where each and every component can be moved.

Need to rate/tag many images? Only a single click is needed for each image.

Great customer support: 24 hour e-mail response time

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