who put this into my family photo archive?

...family photo...

Do you want to sort your photos?

Not enough time to remove bad pictures, create separate folders for each year or event?

messy home archive

There are tons of images, your storage drive is full.... and you don't even remember where are those pictures on your PC...

The good news is, you don't have to sort your pictures in order to find and enjoy them!

No free time to sort the photos into separate folders...
messy home archive

With ImageRanger it is easy to navigate in your unsorted photo archive. And it does not matter how many pictures are already there. The sorting is fast and convenient.

Simply open ImageRanger and point to one of your folders or to the entire drive. Choose the time period, location and get those important photos immediately!
Browsing your chaotic photo folders is easy!

Here is how it works:

Try our free 10 days trial software to enjoy viewing all your photos. ImageRanger shows your photos in a fast and convenient way. Sorting, searching and moving files is supported but not necessary. Simply enjoy your photos immediately, even they are all stored chaotically.

P.S. the software will automatically find duplicate photos for you... you can rate your photos... annotate with keywords and move your files around!

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