Run batch operation to enhance photo contrast

If the photo archive contains high and low contrast photos, it might be useful to run a batch process only on low-quality images. With ImageRanger, you can set up a selection filter to include only low contrast (and low brightness) images and process them in a single batch process.

To automatically enhance low quality images, run the pre-configured operation by choosing Main Menu > Batch > Repair Contrast.

Once the source and destination folders are configured, the enhancement strength can be selected in the setup dialog.

batch enhance contrast

When the operation is executed, the progress dialog will show the current configuration and status of the batch processing task.

What if only lower quality images have to be processed?

The pre-configured Repair Contrast operation is designed to work for common underexposed images. For different requirements, the Advanced batch process configuration can be created by choosing Main Menu > Batch > Advanced.

advanced batch processing for image contrast

Using advanced configuration, it is possible to specify contrast, brightness and exception filters to include certain types of images. The output of the advanced batch operation can be configured to a different folder; this way, it is also possible to sort images by the quality of the contrast into several different folders.