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How to save time spent on routine photo organizing tasks


ImageRanger photo management ImageRanger is a powerful tool saving you precious time by helping to manage your image folders efficiently.

Designed to be user-friendly, it enables you to perform routine photo management tasks with minimum effort.

how to copy images without copy paste

No more time-consuming copying and pasting, now most of the tasks can be done with just one or two clicks.

ImageRanger supports a wide range of image data formats including RAW files for Nikon, Canon and Fuji cameras.

It's easy to rate single or multiple photos, convert RAW image files, assign keyword tags or view image meta data.

Quickly find image location in windows explorer

Capable of managing thousands of photos, ImageRanger allows you to access useful information on all the images stored on your hard drive.

And there's no need to remember the actual location of the file as you can use the Show In Explorer feature to quickly discover the location of any image.

How to set image rating to photo meta data

Search features include GPS location search, photo capture time search, face detection and image quality metrics.

ImageRanger does not create or lock users with an internal database. Your photos are not moved automatically.

It allows you to browse and manipulate image files keeping your existing folder structure.

Muiltiple criteria image search The search function is particularly useful in that it is capable of combining multiple criteria, allowing you to carry out more complex searches.

For those of you who need to search for scanned documents, or perhaps good or bad quality photos, then ImageRanger can help further. It can also find images with a specific resolution, brightness or contrast; and the meta data search allows you to search within any EXIF, IPTC or XMP data field.

Photo location search It has great location features too, and for geo tagged photos, ImageRanger can automatically find the nearest city. It can also find images captured at a specific location and time.

Last but not least, the user interface can be tailored to suit your personal taste giving you a more pleasant experience overall.

Quick Introduction Video

Tutorial video: searching by capture time

Tutorial video: searching by capture location

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