How to find duplicate photos

Automatic counting of duplicate images

Find, count and locate duplicate images

see number of copies found

Let's assume that you store all your photos in one archive folder, which contains any number of subfolders and images. If that's not the case, your archive folder may be a root directory of the storage drive.

Use the Set Archive Location to specify the topmost archive folder:

main photo archive folder

When the archive location is configured, the ImageRanger will read all the images in the archive folders. The archive folder appears on-screen and all subfolders are available as shortcuts for moving files:

directory with images

From now on, ImageRanger will find duplicate photos in your folders automatically.

The number of copies found is indicated directly on the image thumbnail:

duplicate image search

Once all of the images are indexed, you can sort the thumbnails according to the number of duplicates found:

sort by number of copies

For locating duplicated photos, right-click on the thumbnail image and choose Show In Explorer:

locate duplicated file

When simply browsing folders, ImageRanger will also count duplicate photos which appear together in the same location on your storage drive.

There is a good chance that ImageRanger will detect duplicate images even when content is resized or if a file contains different meta data, such as keywords or ratings.

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