How to find images without meta data

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Finding all images with no embedded EXIF, XMP, IPTC fields

EXIF is a standard which describes how to embed additional meta information describing various properties of the digital content into original files. In most digital cameras it is possible to configure the output format in such way that it disables or enables writing of meta data. Some older digital cameras had no support for writing EXIF meta information in the files they produce.

One of the common tasks when sorting big photo archives is to find and select all images which have no embedded meta information. With ImageRanger it is easy to do using the exception filter technique.

Step 1: Add "All Files" criteria to the "Selected Filters" list.

Selecting all photos in folder

Step 2: Go to the exceptions selection and choose Metadata filter.

How to find images without metadata

Enter colon symbol (:). This generally implies that all files, where metadata fields (EXIF:, XMP:, IPTC:) present, would be selected. Since this filter is configured in the Exception mode the software will accept only files where no any meta data properties are gathered.

Press OK to start the search.

The same technique could be applied to find all image files which have no XMP (or IPTC) information.

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