Easily manage all your 100.000+ photos!

No-Cloud Software to handle thousands images on your PC.

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"No more Copy-Pasting... sorting images is easy and efficient!"


With ImageRanger you can:

- work on thousands of photos on a single screen (e.g. see resizing images)
- find and filter people portraits with face recognition and easy to use interface
- use manual image sorting from multiple folders
- automatically organize photos in new folder structure by year, city, etc.
- sort out your images from other illustrations, clip arts.
- run process to find low quality images and improve image contrast.
- quickly find duplicates and remove copies.
- and perform other routine image managment tasks with ImageRanger

Powerful image search

Want to find all portraits with specific date, location and resolution, etc? No problem! Combine criterias into more powerful search.

Easily remove copies

Automatically find duplicate images in your archives even if actual files have different rating, keywords, file size.

EXIF metadata search

Find specific images by camera type, shutter speed, exposure parameters, etc...

image search software

Save collections

Run the search once and store the results. Image collection file will remember where the actual file is stored. No file copying is needed.

Face detection

Find portraits, group photos, combine it with location search to get the most out of your image archive.

Sort your images

Sort images on screen by number of copies found, number of keywords set, etc...


Organizing your image archive with photo management software requires continuous time efforts. ImageRanger helps you manage thousands of photos easily.

Image search

Scan your entire local storage to find the most important images.

Copy and move files

Use convenient UI features to copy, move or delete your image files.


Easily create and save image collections.

Powerful UI

Create complex selection filters to combine image search criterias.

Latest Reviews

"ImageRanger is nothing less than a very well-designed, remarkably user-friendly photo manager. This brilliant tool will not go amiss when it comes to sorting digital images, navigating through extensive libraries or creating smartly structured photo archives. It is also a quick decision for freeing up disk space by locating and removing duplicate pictures. Easy, smooth, and highly professional!"

Andrey Sid Photography

"ImageRanger is a great photo organizer, for anyone from a simple beginner photographer, to the best multi staff studios. It can arrange images by the useful date and time all the way to Camera, Location, etc all at the same time even."

Studio Railey

"ImageRanger provides a streamlined organizational experience that's perfect for managing large libraries. It's made itself essential in my toolbox."

Adam - AdamsEyes

"It is a useful photo organizer, intuitive and considering also the diversity of the search option it is a nice to have software"

Adela Mielus - Artfel Photography


Feel free to ask us at support@imageranger.com

  • What data does it exactly upload to your server?

    ImageRanger does not have upload functionality. Your Internet connection is used only once to activate the software when the trial period is over.

  • How do I quick change the thumbnail sizes.

    Changing the thumbnail sizes could be done with Ctrl + Mouse Wheel or by pressing the Zoom In, Zoom Out buttons on the toolbar.

  • What exactly is the criteria for poor quality image search function?

    Poor quality image search is based on the contrast of the image. We wanted to let users find and filter out blurry photos. Once the Low Quality search is started, it is possible to change the default settings. You just have to double click on the Local Contrast line in the Collection tab on the bottom left part of the screen.

  • What are the system requirements?

    ImageRanger is a desktop software running on Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10.

  • Do you support cloud storage such as Amazon or Google Cloud?

    No. ImageRanger is made for people who store images on their own hardware.

  • What type of storage hardware is supported?

    You can use ImageRanger with USB connected storage devices, your local machine hard drive or with network storage device.

  • Can I add tags to my photos?

    ImageRanger could be used to put photo keywords and search for specific tag in your collections.

  • Is there limit on number of photos?

    As long as you have time to wait, ImageRanger can travel endlessly through all your image files.

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