• Too many files?
    Easily sort files,
    photos and videos!
    Built-in face recognition
    Quickly find important files
    No Internet needed, complete privacy
    Index entire NAS and USB drives


Installable software, no servers involved


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Unique ImageRanger features:

  • Automatically organize your photos into file folders.

  • Search and remove duplicates.

  • Quickly view and search a million of images and videos.

  • Search and edit image metadata, edit EXIF, IPTC records.

  • Private facial recognition on your local computer, written into the image EXIF data.

  • Index and browse disconnected storage drives.

  • Work on multiple images on the same screen.

  • ... many more features for power users!


NAS and USB drives support

ImageRanger can index data on your NAS and storage drives. This way, important files can be easily found within your collections.

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Built-in Face Recognition

Tagging friends and family members on your photos once, to help the automatic face-recognition find them again later.

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Sorting and filtering is easy

You can sort and filter images in many ways. Create manually sorted slide shows, filter by content, faces, ratings, etc.

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ImageRanger Features

Image Indexing

ImageRanger only needs to traverse your photo collection once, and you're free to search, sort, and filter images anytime.

NAS and USB drives support

ImageRanger index can be recorded directly in remote folders. This way you can quickly search and sort your photos on any other machine, using a previously built index.

Manual Sorting

Exclude or include only folders you need while browsing images. Alternatively, ImageRanger can read your entire storage drive.


Create a hierarchy of collections of files without moving them around.

Face Recognition

ImageRanger detects faces even in big portraits and group photos, letting you tag faces and quickly find images with specific people.

Duplicates Removal

ImageRanger shows you the number of duplicated images and lets you remove redundant content.

Arrange into folders

Option to import all your photos into a new folder structure, organized by capture time and location.

GPS filtering

With built-in GPS locations, your images are sorted by captured city automatically. You can find all photos 5 meters away from any point on earth.

Brightness. Contrast. Sharpness.

With ImageRanger, auto-enhancements can be applied to multiple images at once. Manual fine-tuning makes it possible to select dark or bright regions of the image and apply various correction settings.

All necessary editing controls (brightness, contrast, sharpness, saturation) are designed in a user friendly interface, with an UNDO function to correct any mishaps as you go.

You can even ask ImageRanger to find and categorize all images of poor quality automatically for your convenience. For advanced users, a powerful batch-processing allows work to be carried out on entire folders while processing only relevant photos.

image adjustments


Now I categorize my game development assets collection by keywords in a fast way.

Willems Davy Game Developer

Phenomenal tool!

Edward, Digital Media Director oneearth.org

ImageRanger is AWESOME!!!

Eva Williams Manager at FitxThePhoto.com

Great for anyone from a simple beginner photographer, to the best multi staff studios.

Studio Railey Studio Railey

Great options for huge library searching, make that job much easier.

Katarina, LTUMMY Studio LTUMMY Food Photography

It is a useful software, intuitive and with a diversity of the search options.

Adela Mielus Artfel Studio