ImageRanger is available!

We are happy to tell you that ImageRanger is updated and has some great new features!

  • Tools to let you set GPS location and capture time for your photos
  • Ultra-fast rendering of thumbnail images 
  • Simpler and better batch functions such as thumbnail export
  • New support for Windows face tagging format

Fast thumbnail images
once your files are indexed, browsing thousands of images is a piece of cake

Set GPS capture time and location
It is now extremely easy to geo tag your photos 


Simple batch export
Exporting thumbnail images is easy and fast.
Choose Batch > Create Thumbnails

(you can copy / update entire folder structure in reduced resolution)

Support for Windows face tags format
ImageRanger automatically imports faces tagged with other software.
And your Windows Explorer can also read which faces you tagged.

(face tags are written directly into your image files)

Update your installation by visiting ImageRanger update page.

This update also includes a number of important bug fixes.

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