Viewer Settings

The viewer settings affect the way each image is shown on the screen when image viewer mode is activated or slide show is in progress.
Viewer Settings
Slide show delay
When slide show is in progress, each image will stay on the screen for a specific amount of time. This time is specified in milliseconds. Each second is 1000 milliseconds.
Forward reading of images
For a better user experience ImageRanger will attempt to load some images in advance. This function reduces the waiting time for the loading of larger images and achieves a smoother slide show effect.
Image view mode
Fit screen mode: stretch or shrink the image to fit the entire screen.
Shrink only: show smaller images in the original form and shrink the bigger images to fit the screen.

Width and height of the thumbnail icons

1. Width and height of the thumbnail icons
These parameters control the size of the icons in the main thumbnail view panel.

Maximum thumbnails shown

2. Maximum thumbnails shown
When working with big archives, it might be useful to limit the number of shown images to improve the performance of the system. Use this setting to get better usability on low performance computers.

Show image resolution

3. Show image resolution
It may be useful to show image resolutions directly on the image thumbnail icons. By default the image size in pixels is shown only for selected files.

Maximum number of shown faces

4. Maximum number of shown faces
Limit number of loaded faces to get better experience on low performance computers.

Number of last used suggested keywords

5. Number of last used suggested keywords
The number of last used keywords can be changed to show fewer / more keywords in the Keywords panel.