Fast sorting and filtering

And background indexing.

Start by simply browsing your current folders using the panel on the left side.

You can select a different folder anytime. By default ImageRanger shows you all found images in the selected folder and its subfolders. You can include/exclude certain subfolders.

When browsing folders, ImageRanger will try to index information about your images, determine the capture location and date, detect faces, read keywords and rating, etc. Depending on number of files, the indexing might take some time but this is happening only once for each file. This indexing process is happening on background and you can see the indexing progress on the screen.

imageranger indexing photo files

Indexing is done only once for each folder you visit.

The next time when a folder is opened, the previous index is reused. You can work on your images while indexing is in progress. Indexing is needed for quick sorting, filtering and finding duplicates.

Basic Filtering

How to apply and discard quick search filters.

The easiest way to filter your images is to use Quick Filters on top of the application main window. Simply select location under the World button or any capture date with the Date selector. Once the filters are applied, you will see a small tag under the filtering area. These tags indicate the currently selected filtering mode. Each filter can be cancelled at anytime.

ImageRanger filtering to search photos

Image Adjustments

How to correct brightness, contrast, etc.

To view a bigger version of the selected image, click on the Fit To Window or Zoom In buttons.

Use the sliders on the right side to adjust image brightness, contrast, etc.

To Undo your last action, use the main menu Edit, Undo Last Change or press Ctrl+Z or choose the Undo item using the Right Mouse Click contextual menu

how to make correct image brightness

How to setup face recognition

With face recognition you can select photos with your friends and family.

Start by pressing Select Face button.

Click on a face on an image. Press the plus button to add a new person to the list of your known people.

Press the plus button to add a new person to the list of your known people. Once new person is added, you can use the People filter on top of the main window to select photos with this person.

how to setup face recognition

How to arrange image files in folders

Or how to organize images in structured folders.

Setup new archive folder by using Set Archive Location button. This would be the place where you can import photos from various places.

When the Archive location is configured, you can import selected images by using Import into Archive command from the contextual menu. The imported images are copied into the archive location and placed in the folder based on your setup, by Year, Month or Capture Location.

how to arrange photos in new folder structure

The archive location is always available to explore using any other file management software. It is possible to setup or change your Archive location at anytime.