Work In Progress

User interface improvements.


Latest Release

We update ImageRanger frequently.



Improved user interface, manual face detection and arbitrary indexing settings, bug fixes.

New sorting by brightness, better interface, faster performance. Support for new formats.

Added support for 64 bit TIFF images, HEIC auto-rotation fix, other bug fixes.

New bookmarks panel helps you access your favorite folders quicker. New option to preserve file modification time.

Browsing remote media library is now extremely fast, offline browsing is also supported if the files are indexed.

New keyword pinning, persistent sorting, ability to select last changed file, performance improvements, new index loading and updating, bug fixes.

New multiline image descriptions.

New default file filters.

New ability to manage custom GPS locations.

Metadata editing features, configurable full screen and printed captions.

Added rendering of ICO, non animated GIFs, WEBP files.

Viewing SVG vector files is now possible with ImageRanger.

Improved performance and bug fixes, case sensitive keywords.

New, improved face detection. New read-only mode to disable writing face tags in the image files. New image formats are now supported.

Viewing transparent PNGs is now possible. Bug fixes and performance improvements.

New suppport for 3fr, fff, m2ts formats. Merging people names is now possible. Bug fixes and performance improvements.


Online Documentation

ImageRanger user manual is available online.


Built-in User Manual

Once ImageRanger is installed on your computer, you can open the User Manual using the standard menu Help > User Manual.

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Please don't hesitate to give your feedback. We like to hear about your experience. Do you need a new feature? Let us know.


Video tutorials

How to run file name search with ImageRanger.

How to crop many images quickly.

Resizing images from multiple folders.