Search for images containing GPS meta information

The geotagged photos are image files which contain associated GPS coordinates.
If such GPS information is embedded in an image file, it is interesting to see the exact location of the capturing position on the map. Furthermore, if there is a series of images all storing capture time and GPS information, it is then possible to produce many kinds of interesting reports, such as tracing the path of the photographer, acquiring data about the most interesting places captured, etc.

ImageRanger can help in finding all photos which contain associated location information.

The location information is usually stored according to the EXIF specification using the following tags:


The best way to find such images is to use Metadata filter and select images which contain these specific information fields.

Step 1: Add "Metadata" filter and use "gpslat" in the "Name of the property" input box.

How to search by EXIF data

Step 2: Click OK and run the image search.

Finding all pictures with GPS information

For each of the found pictures, you can use Find Nearest City tool to get the basic information about the capturing location.