Automatically sort photos into folders

There is never enough time to create and maintain a perfect folder structure for the image files. Many people struggle to find the images once they are stored in an unstructured way.

unsorted image folders

ImageRanger can search through all photos, create new structured folders and populate the new folders with images. A new folder hierarchy can be created based on the image location information (GPS tags) or image capture time.

For example, it is easy to arrange photos in folders based on year, month, city or country.

unsorted image folders

To arrange photos automatically, choose Sort Into Folders from the Batch submenu. Browse and select your source location, where all the unsorted folders and images are stored. Configure a new destination folder, which will be populated with a new folder structure and original images.

unsorted image folders

In the basic scenarios the output folders can be configured in several pre defined ways, based on year, month, city and land.

The advanced mode can be configured by selecting "Custom" folder naming template.

In the advanced mode the user can specify a customized folder naming structure. The following special sequences will be replaced with the actual values:

%yythe year as two digit number(00 - 99)
%yyyythe year as four digit number
%cnearest city of the image capture location
%lland of the image capture location
%dday without leading zero
%ddthe day as number with a leading zero(01 to 31)
%dddthe abbreviated day name, e.g. 'Mon' to 'Sun'
%MMthe month as number with a leading zero(01 - 12)
%MMMthe abbreviated month name, e.g. 'Jan' to 'Dec'
%MMMMthe long month name, e.g. 'January' to 'December'

Once the operation is started, the general batch progress dialog will appear and show the current status of the operation.

Note. By default, the new location will only contain unique images. All duplicates are automatically discarded. For a different configuration, please use the Advanced batch process configuration.