How to find photos on my computer

When there are thousands of images, it is hard to manually find an important photo in unsorted folders. ImageRanger provides a powerful interface that can locate practically any image file.

To find photos on your computer, choose Search > New Search in the Main Menu to open the configuration dialog.

folders with photos

On the left side, there is a list of available criteria which can be combined together to create a more complex image requirement. Using the Exception condition in the right bottom corner, it is possible to discard images based on any property.

For example, the interface allows you to create a new search for vertically-oriented photos with a specified minimum resolution while excluding those photos which contain faces. Here is how it would be configured:

folders with photos

Once the search is started, ImageRanger will indicate the current configuration in the Collection area.

Image collection setup

The Collection process may be interrupted at any time using the stop button in the bottom right corner.

Complex search requirements can be saved as a custom user filter to be reused later. ImageRanger also supports nesting of the filters. In this way, a complex scenario can be modeled based on previous custom requirements.

Note. It is possible to use any search filter as an input for a batch operation. This can be achieved in the Advanced batch mode.

Once the important images are collected using the search process, it is possible to save the collection in an ImageRanger file. The collection file contains a list of found file locations with the corresponding search filters information. Collection files can be loaded again at any time.