Resizing images with ImageRanger

Thumbnail image is a small sized version of a bigger photo. Thumbnails are essential if you want to put image gallery on the web or send a small sized file to your colleagues and friends in e-mail message. Sharing your photo on a social media usually also requires small sized image.

How to resize a single image with ImageRanger

Make sure you select one or several folders in the Browse panel. All found images in selected folders are displayed in the thumbnail view.

Select one image you want to resize. The original resolution of the image is displayed directly on the main thubnail view.

select single image

In the Adjustments panels click on Resize button. The popup with settings will appear on the screen. The original image width and height settings are displayed in the resize settings window.

image adjustement panel

Now move the slider to the left to scale down the image or to the right to increase the image size.

Both dimensions, width and height are updated accordingly to the aspect ratio so that image contents are not distorted. To apply the changes, click on the OK button.

The image is changed and you can click on the Save button to overwrite the original file. Don't forget about Undo function, which can be applied to revert your changes.

How to resize multiple images

Resizing multiple photos with ImageRanger is very easy.

We are usually interested in resizing a set of images so that the maximum width or height is limited by a certain number of pixels. For example, we have 10 images with different size but the resulting files should have maximum width of 100 pixels.

Select several images.

select multiple images

Go to the Adjustments panel and click on Resize button.

There are two methods to scale images down: limiting the width or height.

how to resize and limit image width

Use the slider to increase the final width or height of the images. When width is fixed, the image is scaled in such way that height is proportionally changed to match the original image aspect ratio.

This way multiple images are resized appropriately so their final width or height is restricted to a certain value.