Manual Sorting with ImageRanger

Suppose there are several photos from different cameras shot on a same event, like a wedding or a birthday party.

How would you organize and mix photos from different cameras to have a perfect slide show?

The best way would be to sort all images by capture time and ImageRanger can do that easily. However, this method does not allways work when cameras are not synchronized and have different time settings.

In this case the best way to organize your photo collection is to use manual sorting. ImageRanger provides easy interface to build sorted image collection.

First, enable the manual sorting mode in the Sorting control on top of the view:

sorting options in ImageRanger

Use Ctrl+Up, Ctrl+Down, Ctrl+PageUp, Ctrl+PageDown to move the photos in the manually sorted listing.

sorting keyboard shortcuts

You can also save your currently sorted view and restore the ordering at any time later by loading the ImageRanger collection file.