How to organize your photos in folders


If you need to create a new folder structure for your picture library, the ImageRanger provides you several tools to achieve this goal.

Create new folders by date and location

The easiest way to create new folders automatically is to use the Archive location and the importing functionality.

Step 1. Configure your main folder location where you want to store all your images using the New Archive Wizard... from the Archive top menu.

picture library location

When Archive location and a folder naming options are configured, you can now use the Import function.

Step 2. Select your pictures and import them using the right mouse button or the Archive top menu.

how to import pictures

When importing pictures, the new folders might be created, based on the capture time of the image. For example, it is possible to create the following folders by date of the image:

folder structure by year and location

Additionally, you can sort your pictures into folders by capture location. This is very convenient for images captured by mobile devices, which have GPS location tagging enabled.
If all your photos are geo tagged, ImageRanger can create new folder structure based on location.
You can even mix the options and arrange photos by Year and Location into the new folders in this following way:

folder structure by year and location

What if there are many duplicates?

When pictures are imported, ImageRanger will also try to find duplicate images in your archive.
In many cases even if the file format is different, a duplicate photo can be automatically found.

When duplicate image is being imported, you can decide to keep both images or automatically keep the biggest version in your archive. This way it is possible to avoid having multiple copies of the same file in your main storage location.

duplicate image found

For advanced users there is an option to specify a custom folder naming template.

custom folder structure

If you prefer to manually sort your image library, use the right mouse button and Copy To / Move To to quickly get shortcut to any folder in your archive.

manually arrange pictures

ImageRanger does not forbid you to have many image archives. You can change the archive location at any time and start a new archive or configure any existing location as your primary picture storage path. If you decide to change your current folder structure, simply choose a new archive location and import all your existing photos.

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