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We designed ImageRanger to help you work with big image collections, filter and search images. When you open any folder containing image files ImageRanger builds an internal index for speeding up the image search. Any time later you can easily find important images by using many built-in quick filters.

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Easily tag your friends and family members to make sure you allways can find these photos again. The face recognition functions help you quickly find new photos with people you know.

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No more time-consuming copying and pasting, now most of the tasks can be done with just one or two clicks. Improving the quality of your images can be done automatically with Auto Enhance function.

automatic brightness and contrast enhancement

ImageRanger Pro supports a wide range of image data formats including RAW files for Nikon, Canon and Fuji cameras.

It's easy to rate single or multiple photos, convert RAW image files, assign keyword tags or view image meta data.

how to copy images without copy paste

ImageRanger is a powerful tool saving you precious time by helping to manage your image folders efficiently.

Designed to be user-friendly, it enables you to perform routine photo management tasks with minimum effort.

ImageRanger can also import your images into specific location and place them into organized folders by capture date, time or location. You can browse entire storage drives, include or exclude subfolders, manually sort images in any customized order.

ImageRanger does not create or lock users with an internal database. Your photos are not moved automatically, you have complete control of the situation. The search function is particularly useful in that it is capable of combining multiple criteria, allowing you to carry out more complex searches.

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Have tons of various images? Easily find scanned documents, good or bad quality photos. The built-in image search engine checks all image meta data information (EXIF, IPTC or XMP) to gather important things like actual capture time, location, etc.

Muiltiple criteria image search

For a more precise search you can easily set additional GPS location requirements, such as proximity to custom map coordinates.

Photo location search

Last but not least, the user interface can be tailored to suit your personal taste giving you a more pleasant experience overall.


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