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ImageRanger – Release Information

We are happy if you find ImageRanger useful for your workflow. Usually we deliver new software updates once per month or more frequently.

Did you learn the basics already?

If you are running ImageRanger for the first time, we would stronly suggest taking a look at the QuickStart tutorial.



New search filter allows you to find photos with selected persons.



Face recognition interface is updated.



With new improved face recognition engine, ImageRanger is now faster and more precise! Added support for XMP sidecar files, fixed minor stability issues.



Released new performance improvements and important bug fixes.



Hot fix release which solves issues with printing on some Windows systems, window resizing problems and has some minor bug fixes.



ImageRanger now support auto rotation of your images based on EXIF sensor meta data.



Non destructive editing can be enabled for all files. In this release we have new support for MWG face tags, which means you can import tagged people from Picasa and other software.

23 Feb


ImagerRanger now supports printing of single and multiple images!



Thanks for your feedback, we have improved the way how image adjustments are made when shadows, midtones or highlights are selected. It is now easier to get better results.



This release contains multiple speed improvements to let you view and edit images on a full screen. This release also has new distributed indexing features. That means you can attach a USB drive, index all photos and use ImageRanger on another PC to have fast image search and fitering.



In this release we introduced several bug fixes and performance improvements to let you browse huge image folders. The overal responsiveness of the user interface makes it easy to use ImageRanger with big collections.


Older Releases

Our focus in 2018 was on providing you fast and enjoyable user experience when working with big image collections. This is what makes ImageRanger unique: you only need a few clicks to do all routine management tasks.

  • Copy file confirmation
    File Copy Confirmation
  • Duplicate image search tool
    How to find duplicated images with ImageRanger
  • Advanced search options
    Advanced image search with ImageRanger
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Uninstalling ImageRanger software is also easy

When the evaluation period is over you have to order the software to continue using it.

To uninstall the software use the standard services of your operating system. Using the Windows Control Panel, choose Add or Remove programs, select ImageRanger and click on Remove button.

This is an incredibly fast software!

Rick Albermann

ImageRanger runs on Windows and MacOS

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